Modern Realism

Let’s be honest, the world expects more from people.

The world runs on a different pace. Where teenagers would be satisfied with sleeping in on a weekend, I find my feed filled up with several of today’s youth wandering on different provinces in the country. There’s a larger amount of freedom for people to choose where to go because the principles that once bound several to homes and to a simple life with a white picket fence have now been considered obsolete. Wanderlust is now the new norm and simply staying home is not a popular notion.

But why is there still a shockingly huge percentage of people who find themselves frustrated and depressed over their current lives when sticking to old traditions is no longer strictly enforced?

Looking at this from a socioeconomic perspective, families of the current generation have parents who have managed to climb up the ladder and earn enough for their children to have good schooling. Currently, this becomes a more difficult thing to do because of the rise and fall of nations around the world, compared to the kind of lives people had in the sixties, for example. Technological advancements have also raised the bar for individuals to be able to ascend to the desired kind of position that will guarantee the stability of their lives as well as the freedom that they may have going to places and enjoying life as dictated by a large portion of society. Otherwise, most of the individuals today are bound to their chairs in the office trying to pay the rent without needing to lend from other people.

This does not mean that people are not able to reach their potential. On the contrary, people of this generation are a lot smarter and have more capability than anyone else. Sadly, this intelligence is a double edged sword and makes them become too idealistic in what they think they deserve, and too realistic when they start seeing what is needed to get there. I would also like to mention that this does not mean that laziness is common, which is something that older people would comment on the current generation. Because of this realistic perspective (that honestly borders on pessimism), there exists a kind of thinking that the individual is “trash” because they are not able to obtain a certain level of performance. This then makes them feel that they are incapable (or even not worthy) of getting the freedom that is coupled with life and its experiences.

In other words, it’s perhaps the inconsistencies between individuals who are able to obtain a level of stability at a young age compared to other people of the same group that causes a sense of insecurity, that leads to this kind of thinking. So maybe in some aspects, people just need a little bit of patience and a little practice in pacing themselves to obtain those goals.

Because success should never be rushed. Rather, it should be worked on full-time and with a clear mindset.





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