13 Things That Suck A Little Bit About Dealing With Introverts

Thought Catalog

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1. They expect you to be a mind reader.

They don’t want to be a bother and state what they want out loud, but they also want you to magically know what that is. It’s very easy to unintentionally offend an introvert because they won’t tell you what the boundaries are — just expect you to stay within them.

2. You have to be their guide.

When you’re going to a party or an event with your introvert you’re expected to take on the role of translator, stay by their side and introduce them to people and help them make conversation. Left to their own devices they’ll probably play on their phone in the corner all night, and that’s fine, but you know they’d like to at least feel included for awhile so you need to be there helping it happen.

3. They won’t tell you…

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