The Marginally Insane

Today, society has adapted a culture where standards are set in stone. There are rules that an individual must abide to, whether they be in moral terms or in cultural terms. For example, one can say that one must avoid homicide, or the murder of a fellow human being because it is morally wrong, as it disrupts the steady flow of a human being’s life. But on the other hand, there are instances where they are not necessarily set in stone, but individuals follow through them without any second thoughts about it. These are defined by no one, but assumed by the majority. It does not require compliance, but people follow through with them. But what happens to those who do not wish to abide by them, simply because they do not think it is rightfully so in terms of their own perspective? Where does the individual lie in the spectrum that society has also defined for today? 

They are marginalized. 

These are individuals who are not able to comply by what people define them to be. Magazines define how individuals should look and what they should wear so they can be considered “normal” by most people, if not all. Televisions display an array of food that hosts would insist viewers to try out, but then ridicule those who decide to do so because of all the unhealthiness in them, and they are condemned to a flurry of snide comments and ridiculous insults. People who have ideas that completely deviate the norms are ridiculed and are compared to the most insane people on the planet. They are beaten up and shoved back to their place, and undergo a process: normalization. They need to exercise as often as this, they need to eat this, they need to achieve this. 

Naturally, this is a frustrating process. People are asked to be unique in their own ways, because even science claims that the genes that individuals possess are entirely different. Yes, even if you find someone who is a complete doppelganger of you, you’re bound to see a slight difference in what kind of a person you are. But on the contrary, individuals are ridiculed for their line of thinking. Some want a life where sweets are okay, but people push to them the kind of food that sweets are LOW-FAT so that they can feel “better about themselves”. Some want a life where collecting plushies is okay, but people are ridiculed because they’re too “immature”. Others were simply born with a condition, yet they are prevented from living out their lives as normally as possible because of their limitations. 

But what about the end result of all of this? What happens to those who do not comply?

They become subjected to bullying, whether it be in school, at work, or even in the public areas. They become the center of jokes and insults because of a little difference in what they are. Their privileges are revoked because they are different. They are reprimanded and scolded because they’re what they were born to be. And once the pressure sets in, there’s bound to be a point where they break into pieces. 

The resentment builds up. 

The insecurity grows bigger. 

The sadness develops. 

And eventually, they find themselves unable. They feel themselves as incapable of handling the stresses of life. 

They give up. 

They are the people you see on the streets, looking for food that is edible enough. They are the patients you see roaming around the hospital with blank expressions and with a glassy look in their eyes. They are the people you do not see in the darkest corners of the room as they raise a knife and slice open the flesh. They are the individuals who stay inside toilets for too long because they’re purging themselves of the guilt. They are the disable who continue to struggle. 

They are the marginalized. 


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