Distorting Beauty

Vogue. Seventeen. Vanity Fair. Marie Claire. Cosmopolitan. Elle. Shape. 

These forms of media are circulated across the globe, catering not only to women but even to the young adolescents, and to some extent, children. All of these magazines have covers with models whose face is perfectly chiseled to look like an angel’s face, a body with flat abs, perfect chest and slim arms and thighs. The skin is perfect and radiant against the lights. Their teeth are pearly white. And inside these magazines are a variety of articles on how to lose weight and achieve the perfect body, how to become attractive to men, and how products can make one feel more worthy even when their day feels like hell frozen over. 

There is nothing more depressing than than the regression of these magazines into a means for girls to get motivated to use the treadmill in hopes of getting close to what they see in magazines. Why? Because if these kinds of people can do it, then they have the ability to do the same as well.

It’s one thing to lose weight because it’s not healthy anymore and one might become susceptible to diseases. But it’s another to lose weight when you want to be as stick thin as (I apologize for the references) the models in those billboards and even on those who star in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s different when young women start to look at themselves in the mirror and compare themselves to their friends, who might have a better exercise regime or have a more effective diet plan, then get depressed because they know they can’t become that person. 

Models and actresses all over the world have started speaking out and have criticized social media not only on the alteration of their faces, but also on how much they have been trying to emphasize the importance of physical beauty. But, sadly.. that might not effectively work. How can you listen to someone whose body looks great and who barely eats (well, some of them anyway) their meals? How will you believe someone who has noticeably become thinner and looked great compared to before? 

This is why a commoner such as myself decide to speak up about this. I would like to emphasize something. 

Beauty is an abstract concept. Beauty is a relative perception of not only human beings. Beauty has no NATURAL standards. 

Ever heard of that? Natural? 

This includes the way that the sun rises over the mountains, and how its rays would slowly strike the surroundings, revealing the true nature of every living thing, and that is the fact that it is present. The present meaning that it is in the here and in the now. It is in the way that the rivers flow throughout the forest, providing sounds of life that coincide with the birds chirping and the leaves rustling in the gentle morning winds. 

It is in the soft cries of a child in the night, yearning for someone to hold them as they feel the dark night creeping up on them. It is in the natural way that they utter the first few words that can be understood. It is in the toothless smiles, and the way that the soul is reflected in the eyes. It is in freckles that can never be removed from the skin. It is 

Even those who have been considered broken are natural, and sometimes more content, making them more beautiful. The blind may not see, but they can feel the suffering and joy of life, resulting to their heightened experience of something incredibly raw. The deaf do not hear the sweet words and will rely on the smiles of each person, believing in the potential they have. Those who have no arms nor legs begin to appreciate things at a different level. They learn to trust the ones who truly care for them, which takes their worries away as they realize that. 

Nineteen years of existence has been teaching me about beauty. In my childhood, nothing mattered because beauty existed only in the mother and father’s hands, which have held me in infancy, gotten burnt as they tried to cook me pancakes in the morning, and those which have stung for them to experience the pain that they inflicted on me. Nineteen years of existence has been a curse in itself, for the world has created something so artificial and pretentious out of an innocent word which can be used everywhere. 

Everything that exists is beauty in itself, contributing something wonderful to a world that has gone to hell. 

No, scratch that. 

If people learned to see the natural beauty in everything, then perhaps there would be a brighter world in the end. 


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