Card Games and Life Lessons



So today, I got a hold of some Cardfight! Vanguard cards from my boyfriend. At first, I knew that he was going to give me Lozenge Magus, as he probably discovered this in his booster pack while arranging his deck. But as it turns out, he gave me two other cards which came from two different clans which were coincidentally the ones which had been part of my top three clan decks to collect. Being the fanatic I was, I controlled my reaction to these cards and silently kept them in my case to avoid getting them dirty. 

I could talk about the backgrounds of each of the cards. I could talk about the advantages and disadvantages of possessing card clans or perhaps even mixing cards from these three clans that I have preferred. Heck, I could even talk about strategies that can be employed using the cards, given the right circumstances. But no, I will not talk about that. 

I will talk about something about my attachment to these clans. No, it is not because of the power and specialty of these clans. I will talk about the other reason why I chose these clans, which I have realized through careful examination and reflection by staring at these three cards. It was through these that I understand why I chose these. 

Oracle Think Tank. At first glance, one would think that I’ve chosen the Oracle Think Tank as my Top 1 because they are more centered on female characters. The Oracle Think Tank deck is more focused on using intellect rather than luck on drawing these cards. In a way, this represents my own desires to let my intellect and skills become the main source of my success and achievements rather than simple luck and charm to get in. In a way, the Oracle Think Tank displays a sense of empowerment for females. No matter how they are dressed, or how low their abilities may be, it will still serve as a useful tool to use towards obtaining victory. 

Pale Moon. The Pale Moon deck is a darker clan deck that strangely adheres to me. The Pale Moon clan are part of Dark Irregulars, where they use sacrifice and replacement of cards to find a path towards victory. This is exactly why this deck also calls to me, in some way. Being a psychologically insane individual, I have a lot of shadows that whisper dark thoughts in my ear. They would tell me how worthless I am because I’m not good enough, or probably because I don’t think I’ll be able to become a significant portion of someone’s life because I’m not pretty enough, or smart enough, or even because I’m too short-tempered. But in a way, I’ve realized that I have to use these shadows of mine by manipulating them to submit to my will, instead of the other way around. 

Angel Feather. This is a recent addition to my most wanted decks. At first, I thought that it might be too defensive when it came to strategies and tactics, yet I slowly learned that the clan decks utilize the damage taken against them and use it to strengthen themselves, thereby tapping into unlimited potential if the cards are right. In a way, the Angel Feather deck is similar to what I want to become in the future. The card I got that belonged to the Angel Feather clan was Essence Celestial, Becca. I was taken aback by the quote that was placed in the card:

A selflessness which surpasses country and race. The wounded refer to them as guardian angels.

It somehow reminded me of how I used to imagine my ideal self, who would become one of the most selfless people. Yet I feel ashamed whenever I feel unable to help anyone, either because of fear or because of doubt for humanity. I guess that Angel Feather reminds me that imperfections and flaws are not always a disadvantage to my progress. In fact, this may make me stronger and more determined to reach my goals, so that I can support others without needing anyone else to rely on when the going gets tough. 
It’s amusing how you can learn from the most simple of things like a card game. But then again, life provides us with so many opportunities to learn about ourselves that we tend to overlook the small things such as flowers, or perhaps even the skies, which will tell us a lot on what kind of people we are. But what matters most in the end is that there is no such a thing as a small significance. There only exists a significance, and there only exists a realization behind these things. 

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