You are not the kind of guy who would surprise someone with flowers just because he wants to express his love on such an ordinary day

To ask for such a thing would be too much even if they say that I have the right to do so, but you might not be that type of guy so why should I mention it? 

You are the kind of guy who would share a lot of your interests, unaware that even if I appreciate these kinds of things, maybe sometimes I would like to hear something else other than games and videos and would probably like to hear about the ordinary things that happened

They say you don’t listen to my opinions, but I guess that’s why I don’t talk too much about my own interests. You do most of that, so I’ll satisfy myself by listening.  

You are the kind of guy who sucks a bit in keeping his promises, but when he does, he screws up sometimes because he has no idea that the girl just wants to feel loved.

In hugs so tight that I can’t breathe with how much emotion is flooding out

In kisses so intense that I can feel how much you missed me

In words so deep and honest that I cannot see any deception in that.

You are the kind of guy who feels so relaxed, and yet so worried about everything else that you forget that maybe it’s better to speculate on one thing after the other.  

                You’re a huge irony to what you want. Are you really that determined?

You are the kind of guy that frustrates me so much because you don’t understand sometimes how I would feel jealous at the girls who can talk to you, and hug you, and relate to your interests more than anyone else.

While I stand at the side, watching you smile at these girls, feeling horrible about myself because I can’t even reach to that kind of level. I can’t be as pretty, nor as sociable or energetic as they are.

You are the kind who would not completely understand why I’m upset, that maybe I would have wanted to see that you did not just look at me because of emotions you possessed, but maybe because I was me.   

In the past, I was the victim of Casanova. You were once the fugitive. And yet, why are we so similar in the way that we are different?

You are the kind of guy who would make me cry without even knowing it

                Consumed by fear and uncertainty for being the selfish person that I am. Do you even see it? The girl who wanted to be loved without feeling anxious about it?



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