Value for Time

November would have supposedly been the time with which the spirit of the holidays would arrive, bringing along with them the cold winds from the North. In some regions, this would be the time in which pure white snow falls to the ground, along with the delicate snowflakes patterned with such delicacy and intricacy. Instead, people start to question the great delay of the light hearted spirits of the season.

Others would probably refocus their thoughts away from the disasters which had coincidentally followed one after the other, causing many individuals to grieve over people who have been buried in the sea, and at times, within the remains of the houses which have been brought down by strong winds from the Pacific. 

Others would then have nothing to feel at all, and would instead remark on how work productivity was not going to improve if life stopped all because of mishaps and accidents happening around town.

The holidays seem a bit too fast, and perhaps a little too short for most of the people around. Some would claim that the time which has been provided for them is not enough for countless seasons of their favourite series. Perhaps it should be a blessing for those who are in dire need of some money, having spent most of it during Christmas bazaars and year-end sales.

But the actual question is whether or not there really is a lack of time for all. No, there will be no such talk of time management, because even the most punctual individuals will not find enough time to commit to the things that they want, and it would frustrate them if they cannot spend at the very least, fifteen to twenty minutes doing whatever they love.

What is the point of leaves and absences if all that is to be done is to finish whatever you think would give you satisfaction in the end? Is it not the case that individuals would still stress themselves over because of videos refusing to buffer, or perhaps because of frustrations from being unable to take up a few shots of whiskey and tequila? Or maybe it would be intensely maddening to find oneself stressing over things that cannot be helped, such as delays in flights, or perhaps cancellations of reservations to one of the most posh restaurants on top of the skyscrapers.

Has it not occurred that even while relaxing, people will still want their attention to be focused on something else instead of doing nothing else? Families, couples, and even the occasional businessman try to find ways to maintain contact with the busy world, whether it would be through games, or perhaps connecting to familiar people to keep updated on the latest trends.

Rare would it be seen for someone to simply lie on the sand and stare at the clouds, admiring the blue skies and the beautiful oceans with which the light from the sun would dance upon. It would be unusual to see one who would spend the whole day not in front of a computer; rather, they would only refocus themselves such that they would be able to clear their minds completely, not through some relaxation techniques which have been prescribed by professionals. Rather, they would rather take the time to think about the things that really matter.

Was there going to be a time for individuals? Yes, there would always be the time to commit to these kinds of things. No, it is not a means of escaping from the hard life; neither does it demand time management. Because for a known fact, once individuals resurface to the world, they have a sense of stability. They know that they have gathered enough knowledge of themselves to separate their limitations and their strengths and how to use both to their advantage.



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