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I watch the stars with you
As they sparkle in the sky
Dreams and wishes come true
You and me; that would be good

I could stop this moment now
But what use would that be
If I can’t spend more time with you
I’d feel more out of tune

Unsure of what time will bring
But I don’t mind that at all
In your eyes I can finally see
Some hope of what I can be

Laughing and crying all the way
If they could stay like that
But that would be such a bore
Moments worth fighting for

Tell me yes, tell me no at all
Breaking the walls I will build
Push your way towards me
To what I can really be

Can’t think of anything to say
A shadow, no flame to use
Nothing wrong with a flaw
That’s no hindrance at all

You still remain outside
Waiting for an answer
Even as I shut the lights
I ask nothing but why

Bringing me these thoughts
How did you do it?
Hit me unexpectedly
This thing I had never seen

Honesty with an open heart
Calm answers to thought
Fading scars of hidden past
A present to finally last

What else can be said?
A little hard to say out loud
All that is finally said
Sticking with you ‘til the end


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