Tradition or Modernization?

                In the Victorian period, chivalry and conservatism was highly valued among the society. It was considered indecent for a woman to expose her calves, as this was considered an form of seduction towards the kind gentlemen who roam the streets with their top hats, wooden canes and their pipes lit as a form of keeping up with appearances, or perhaps because they simply like the feeling of tobacco and the relaxation that it induces into the body. Children were expected to become energetic, outgoing and perfectly sociable with anyone. Dignified families were known for their dedication to excellence, even going as far as purchasing a thousand books for the sake of learning to accumulate and become part of their minds, waiting for the right time to apply these complicated theories and concepts. Reputation was measured in terms of the gossip on how much was used for charity, or perhaps if the individual has gone against the rules of conduct.      

                Fast forward to the 20th century and observe the change in culture, most especially in the Western portions of the world. Women, who have once been known to don layers and layers of petticoat and coat themselves with make-up, then pin their hair in curls and then follow the code of being a lady. However, in the 20th century, it is not unusual to see women in cargo pants and polo shirts as they roam the streets as they attend to the day’s errands or perhaps rush off to duties that they must fulfil for their work. Males have set aside the three piece suit for more special occasions and have stuck to more casual wear. There is more equality, and there is still a sense of

                It’s the 21st century, and it can be observed that there are a number of drastic changes which might shock grandparents, who have been raised to express themselves with a level of conservativeness as well as the value of sticking to what is good. While it is true that there are some young individuals who follow through with these rules, there are more and more individuals who would rather stick to wearing thigh length shorts and shirts that expose their underwear instead of the simple shirt and knee length walking shorts. There is nothing wrong with these kinds of fashion, but it is questionable how these individuals have the boldness and confidence to expose such an amount of skin even in the presence of thousands. There is certainly a lot of freedom of expression without judgement, and should there be judgement, it would usually be ignored by the individuals themselves, because of their sense of self. Individuality is present in this age, but moral codes are undefined and boundaries are questionable. Issues, such as premarital sex and intoxication, most especially at a young age, are some things to be concerned about, yet there they are ignored.

                Tradition from the past is now nothing more than a sentiment. It’s as if the world has been turned upside down and the code has been revised in a way that it allows people to bend the rules to make it more justifiable. Now the question is whether or not if tradition is really modernization at the moment. 


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