Speed Limits

The modern world today is one of the fastest things I have ever seen in the past few eighteen years here on earth. I look left and right, and all I see are people who are either on their phones, or working on something important on their tablets and laptops. It would be a mistake if I didn’t mention that I have a smartphone with a list of all the things I have to do in the next two weeks. It’s frustrating to think that there would be another phone call for business, or perhaps another text informing cancellations and invitations to events. The gravity of having to constantly be on the go is so taxing for even the strongest individuals that they fall prey to sickness and fatigue by the end of the week. Trust me, I’ve known people who would fall flat on the bed, with tissue plugged up their noses and their comforters drawn up to their necks in a feeble attempt to get better and prepare for another week of hell-filled paperwork and appointments. 

Childhood was one of the easiest and most satisfying things of an individual. Don’t get me wrong, there are also the occasional frustrations and tantrums because of the case of the missing cookie jar. The feeling of being small and so innocent to the world can be pretty scary for today, but it’s nice to feel like nothing can hurt you. You lack vigilance, yet you have the innate capability to accept others as they are, because all you know is to treat someone nicely if they didn’t do anything life-threatening to you. Responsibilities are not of significant importance, yet you know how to distinguish right from wrong, because you know that there is nothing else beyond that single grain of truth. There is no sense of insecurity, because all that is known is that eating is good for the body, not to make someone else attractive, because attraction is not of utmost importance.

Not to mention sleep. Dear Lord, THE SLEEP. 

Life was great at that time. Where have the years gone. Nothing seems to satisfy individuals anymore, and yet they seek for more. They realize that they have to set their own pace in a world of sleepless nights. It would be lovely to think of simply sitting there, taking a book and wrapping yourself in it, without any worries whatsoever. It’s that time where you can just take a walk in the park, bringing nothing but a few spare change for the trip back home. Taking in the beautiful flowers blooming in the bright rays of the sun, the lush greenery of grass that surrounds the fields and the serenity that it takes along with it will make you want to stop for a while and simply sleep without worries. 

Sadly, one cannot simply think of stopping. Stopping will mean a lot of things. You will be left behind by other people. You will be rendered useless to the society from which it stands today. You will be branded a failure because of your inability to keep up with the pace, when in fact setting your own pace is the most essential thing one should do.

But it would be good to take a deep breath, count to ten and silently pray to the gods above for your cool head. And you walk through the doors with a smile on your face and a new perspective on things on a world with no speed limits. 


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