Establishing Rapport

You’re sitting in your room, in front of your computer and are bored. You’ve already browsed through most of the social networking sites in attempts to delay the workload that you have to do. How can one work productively when the mind is not even ready to take on the vast amount of readings? No way were you going to waste a good night’s sleep for things you won’t even understand in the end. And so you decide to try something out. Something like pressing that “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google because you did used to care less about that kind of thing. That something when you’ve been curious about something that you used to give no particular attention to. 

So you open up that browser on the laptop, and decide to type in the site. You register your account, getting slightly frustrated at the fact that someone else stole your wonderful username and you had to google around for words that would fit perfectly. After scrutinizing over the name, you nod and quietly commend yourself for thinking up such a wonderful phrase. Proceeding to the next page, you see that you still have yet to confirm your e mail address, which you would have been too lazy to do had it not been already logged on. Thank God for whoever decided to think of the people who would rather not get logged out of their own accounts at any time. You get redirected back to the site, and you realize that there’s nothing in it. You press a few buttons and panic when it doesn’t do anything useful. It takes a few more minutes before you slap yourself silly for being such a clueless kid.

You haven’t written any posts yet.

You have no idea what to write, and it’s so ironic that you consider yourself a writer and you have no idea what to write down for the whole world to see. There are so many things to talk about, and yet there are too little words to use to express the said topics. Not to mention the time is too short in the world now. But after analyzing the inner workings of your mind, you realize that focusing on one thing is pointless, because you would honestly prefer to talk about anything that comes to mind, most especially when it comes to your most beloved interests.

Now, where shall it start? 



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